Ticker: RRB
Type: Commodity
Issuer: InfiniteEARTH
Divisibility: Divisible to 6 places
Definition URL: https://lykke.com/asset/RRB

Each 'Rimba Raya Biodiversity Coin' (RRB) is backed by 22 tonnes of REDD+ credit, which protects 1.06 acres of Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve for one year. Includes $0.1 for VCS and $0.05 for CCB registration fee per tonne. VCU Serial Number Range: 4509-188527598-188538313-VCU-016-MER-ID-14-674-01012012-31122012-1 VCS Project Page: http://www.vcsprojectdatabase.org/index-no-tabs.html#/vcudetailsreport/78527 CCBA Project Page URL: http://www.climate-standards.org/?s=rimba Protected area: Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve protects 65,000 hectares in Borneo, Indonesia Issuer & Project Manager: InfiniteEARTH